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KRINNER Switzerland built a new home for FC Lucerne and their fans in the shortest of time

After 75 years, the Allmend stadium was venue for the last time to an FC Lucerne game. Then the new Swissporarena was built in its place. The soccer club FC Lucerne and its fans were hosted at the stadium Gersag in Emmen, Switzerland, during the two-year construction phase. The existing facility in Emmen was expanded by 3,528 covered seating places. Opposite the existing stand, Swiss event contractor Nüssli built a covered stand of tubular steel construction.

Challenges when expanding the Gersag stadium were the limited space to work in and the fact that the stand was right on the edge of a hill. There was also pressure to finish the project very quickly: the expansion had to be finished in only three weeks. For these reasons, event builder Nüssli opted for the first time for KRINNER ground screws to build the steel tube construction on the hillside, which is inclined in places to as much as 30°. A total of 120 ground screws were installed, each bearing a load of 14 metric tons.


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