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Solar panels in Belgium on Krinner ground screws

Even two solar panel projects could be won by our Belgium partner company, WMH n.v. For the first one, they installed, in cooperation with the company “Tapes & Banners” at a school in Waregem 11 Krinner ground screws in total. As the ground screws for the solar panel have been installed directly into asphalt, they had to predrill at all points with a diamant drill. Total installation time including predrilling was 5 working hours. The second project was realized by our Belgium partner, together with our Dutch partner “Pijnenburg Import BV” for the press group of the company “Nomad Concept” in Kobbegem. In 6 working hours the mounted 8 ground screws as well as they did the loading tests.
„C Zeilsculptuur ontworpen door architect Amandus VanQuaille voor The Nomad Concept“
"Solar panel developed by architect Amandus VanQuaille for The Nomad Concept"


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