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Christmas is in the air

Even two projects which fit perfectly into the actual season have been realized in Poland. Our partner, the company PLANTATEKST, represented by family Michta, mounted atmospheric Christmas-lightning on Krinner ground screws in Warzaw. On the one hand, along the Agrykola street, there have been installed 17 masts by order of the city Warzaw. These masts have been connected with pairwise with each other by steel cables and secured with two additional steel cables each. On the connecting cables they stretched lightning nets and therefore the complete way was put into a hibernal-romantically light. Within only 3 working days, 4 colleagues of Plantatekst installed 130 Krinner ground screws with a KR E 20 and a KR B 60. In addition they mounted different, 3m high characters, built in light metal construction, draped with chains of light on ground screws at the “Lazienki Park” in Warzaw. These characters represent persons out of the era of the polish king Stanislaw August and should contribute to the Christmassy mood. Purchaser of this project is PGE, the Polish Energetik group.


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