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Greenhouse built near Bologna provides clean solar power

Budrio In Northern Italy, near Bologna, a greenhouse covering 10,000 m² was built on Krinner ground screws at the end of November 2011. This innovative product combined economy with ecology – photovoltaic modules on the roof of the greenhouse produce electricity from clean solar energy at a power of 680 KWp. The total building time of the project was four weeks, meaning the modules already went online in December 2011. Minor retouches were then completed at the beginning of 2012.
Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH was commissioned to install the 576 required ground screws with pinpoint accuracy. One week before commencing construction, the client made a significant upward adjustment to the structural input data, which necessitated new load tests. Our employees performed these additional tests over a weekend, allowing installation of the abovementioned ground screws to commence the following Tuesday. Since the project demanded precise installation and the ground screws had to be installed at a given slope (measured by laser) due to the gutters, the installation time using a KR 55 dumper was five days.
The biggest challenge in this project was clarifying and carrying out all the technical details with the Dutch greenhouse builder, which was not always easy. Yet, with the good cooperation and coordination with the client, we met the deadline and the photovoltaic system on the greenhouse went online already in 2011.


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