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Efficient, without concrete, durable - a golden decision

A really impressive Project was won by our partner Krinner Kazakhstan: On more than 5.000 Krinner ground screws a temporary town with complete infrastructure for the workers of a goldmine was developed in Kumtor, Kirgistan. The open pit gold mine “Kumtor” is located on a glacier 3,500 m above sea level in the province of Issyk Kul, about 350 km southeast of the capital Bishkek and 80km away from the lake Issyk Kul on the Chinese border. “Kumtor” is after the gold mine “Yanschocha” in Peru the second highest located gold mine worldwide. Under most difficult conditions “Krinner Kazankhstan”, represented by Mr. Leonid Khan, successfully installed more than 5.000 Krinner ground screws. Over all, the average temperature of -15°C as well as the soil conditions (soil class 5-6, which is heavy to rocky soil) complicated the operation. Thanks to years of experience and newest technology the building site was completed professionally within very short time – congratulations to Krinner Kazakhstan for this really imposing reference project.


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