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„Smartflower“ grows out of Krinner Ground Screw

Intelligent flower plus innovative ground screw – two   ingenious inventions which match perfectly together. This was also recognized by our Dutch partner, Mr. Marcel Quadvlieg, manager for Krinner Ground Screws, at company “Pijnenburg Import BV” and mounted in the Dutch country Tiel 4 KSF M 76x2100-M16 and 2 KSF M 76x1600-M16. On top of these six Krinner ground screws a “Smartflower” was installed. It´s the world`s first All-in-one Plug & Play PV-system, a self-cleaning full set, where at the push on a button a 18m2 solar flower comes out, which sets itself after the sun via GPS driven auto-tracking and after the sunset folds itself together again. The “Smartflower” has a wind-sensor, is completely mobile, available in different colors and storages non-used energy. The total assembly time of this innovative bouquet was 1,5 hours.  


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