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New solar plants in Japan

Tokyo: Krinner partner „KJC Co. Ltd.“ successfully builds solar plants in Japan. Since April 2011, the Japanese company “KJC Co. Ltd.” represented by its director, Mr. Daesung Moon, is an official contract partner of Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH. The company is focused on the usage of Krinner ground screws and system solutions within the construction of solar plants. Between April 2013 and October 2014 the Japanese partner installed the four solar parks “Ichinoseki”, “Kami II”, “Ofunato” and “Shibetsu”. The four projects have all together a total output of 35 MWp. Spread over the Japanese prefectures Iwate, Miyagi und Hokkaido, the solar farms are built on 45.000 ground screws.

The project “Ofunato” is with a total capacity of 20MW and 73.440 mounted modules the biggest of the four building sites. Due to rocky soil, predrilling with a down-the-whole-hammer was necessary. This project is the latest addition to KJC´s references, which was completed in October 2014.

The solar plant “Shibetsu” with its total power of 10MW, 41.760 modules and 10.090 Krinner ground screws was completed until September 2013.

8.820 modules with a total capacity of 2,2 MWp have been mounted until April 2014 at the solar plant “Ichinoseki” within the prefecture Iwate on the mounting system “Flex III”, developed by Krinner.

With a total output of 1 MWp the solar park “Kami II” is the smallest out of the four parks, but also the first one, where the mounting system Flex III with sliding system was mounted in Japan. 1.248 Krinner ground screws support the mounting rack, on which 4.212 modules have been installed until June 2014.



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