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The Wendy project on the MoMA PS1 Campus in New York

The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) with its headquarters in New York, has been organising a competition since 2000, which gives young architects the opportunity to erect temporary structures on its exhibition grounds, which transcend the boundaries of modern architecture and material science. At the same time, this artwork is intended to create a place and room, in which people can met, socialise and celebrate. In the summer months, various music events take place, to which about 100,000 visitors are expected over the course of the summer.

The winner in 2012 is the Wendy project by architecture firm HWKN (Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner). Wendy is a piece of artwork installed in a steel-framed cube. The artwork itself is made of a textile fibre, which has been treated with a special Pureti dye. "Pureti" is an innovative colour coating, which contains nano-particles. These nano-particles trigger a photocatalytic reaction, i.e. light is activated, whereby CO2 is split into C and O2. Summary: The photocatalytic process cleans the air, by separating oxygen from carbon. The oxygen is released into the air, the dirt adheres to the textiles and is washed off in the next heavy shower.
With the Wendy project, the intention is to create a place in a city such as New York, in which you can breathe “healthy” air. During the course of a year, the surface of Wendy would filter 500 kilograms of dirt from the air, a “cleaning performance”, for which you would need to plant 8000 square metres of forest. So, Wendy could be termed a “concentrated forest”.

As this artwork can only stay on the MoMA PS1 grounds from July to September 2012, a temporary solution for the foundations had to be found. At the same time, the foundations could only have the lowest possible impact on the grounds, while being extremely solid, as the structure would be exposed to very high wind loads. This is naturally a welcome challenge for Krinner screw foundations.

As the art project only had a relatively low budget, the foundations and a large proportion of the screwing-in work and logistics costs were donated. KRINNER took on this job and installed a total of 65 KSF M16 76 x 1600 in May. The screwing-in work was completed in just short of 5 hours, despite the difficult ground. Many thanks for the great effort by the team of our partner, InnoTec Trading Ltd.


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