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Container construction in new dimensions with KRINNER ground screws

AKV-Metallbau GmbH, Mannheim: The school Nordstadtschule in Pforzheim is moving.

Due to renovations to the old school building, new teaching rooms had to be built during last summer vacation to accommodate all the students during the estimated renovation period of 2 years.
The project was not only technically demanding; the time constraints presented a major challenge for installing the screw foundations and steel frame. Here are just a few key data on this project:

  • 3-story container system with a total area of 1,000 m²
  • A total of 150 containers erected in 2 complexes
  • An altitude difference of 1.6 m had to be overcome for each complex
  • A total of 440 ground screws were inserted, of which 240 were KSF M24 114x2000 and 200 were KSF 114x3500
  • Each complex had an external staircase built onto the face side
  • Given the very late order date, around 23,500 kg of steel girders and sections had to be delivered to the site in a directly primed condition
  • To distribute the loads and support the containers, the two steel support structures were welded on site
  • The tight schedule also demanded parallel operations with different trades, requiring a serious amount of communication and cooperation on the construction site.

The entire project was performed in cooperation with another KRINNER partner, Holzbau Eberlein & Rappsilber from Karlsruhe. Despite the many unexpected challenges that were faced, the extremely tight schedule between order and completion was kept within the summer break and the students were able to commence the new school year in their new temporary quarters.

Another project, which we realized with somewhat more lead time, was the provisional container system for a day care center in Eschborn. The biggest difference between this project and the Nordstadtschule project was the substantially longer preparation and planning time, which allowed the entire system to be installed in a very short time.

  • Early morning: Material and machine delivery
  • Mid-morning: Performance and analysis of load tests
  • Noon: Pre-ramming the foundation positions, commencement of installation of ground screws
  • Afternoon: Resting the steel girders in the areas with ready foundations
  • Evening: Alignment and bolting on the steel girders

Having prepared the steel girders with flange plates in our workshop, followed by hot-dip galvanizing, the entire support structure for the approx. 640 m² container system was delivered in one lot and installed onto 104 KSF M24 ground screws in one day.
The project once again shows the advantages of using screw foundations: The container builder was able to build up his modules the next day, and the customer was very satisfied.

We will gladly assist you with advice on similar projects and realize them for you as well.

With greetings from Mannheim

Contact:  AKV-Metallbau GmbH, Mr. Sebastian Busch
Tel.: 0621 895881 — Schraubfundamente(at)AKV-Metallbau.de


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