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KRINNER ground screws hold and support trees for rehabilitation

The company MB Systemline, Würzburg, which has a subsidiary branch in Leipzig, is one of the first authorized dealers. Business activities, which have been taking place in East Germany since November 1989 in Leipzig, also formed a good basis for work with ground screws.
In the Canitz waterworks, which opened in 1912 and which supplies the majority of the drinking water for the city of Leipzig, a pipe under the access road, which is surrounded by big trees to the left and the right, had to be replaced. Over the years, roots had grown over and round the pipes so that the root system had to be shortened.
As a result an ecological tree rehabilitation was required. By using ground screws KSF 140 x 1600 and PV-T 76 x 1600 mm, heavy steel ropes were able to be laid round these. The ropes were laid round the trees using protective building covers in order to protect the trees from wind and other weather conditions. An important effect of this was that parts were able to be screwed in right next to the tree with very little damage being done to the roots. Without these measures there would have been a risk that the old tree population dies off because it loses its stability as a result of the shortened root system.
The 400 year old lime tree in the old cemetery in Trebsen is awe-inspiring and imposing. The tree was planted during the plague. Over the centuries the tree trunk has continuously changed. A large branch has grown out of the tree horizontally by an estimated 10 m and other branches are growing off of this branch at an upward right angle and are about 7 m long. This design of nature was strengthened by the roots of the tree growing more. As there was a risk that, because of torsion or high winds, the branches would snap off or would bend the whole tree, rehabilitation works were carried out under the branches of the "old lady". Ground screws M24 76 x 1600 mm were used and the branches were covered flexibly covered. The old supports had simply been completely surrounded by the tree. In order to prevent the torsion of the perpendicular branches these were fixed, with the appropriate space for the tree, with ropes on the ring eyelets of the ground screws M24 76 x 1600 mm. As a result the imposing and very impressive tree was granted survival.
Both projects had to be completed with ground screws because concrete has calcium compounds which dissolve and which would be absorbed by the roots and would not be tolerated by the tree. Neither the steel nor the zinc which was used have any negative effects on the ground. Furthermore, as a result of the small screw circle, the root systems of the trees were saved. That is not the case for large excavations which are carried out for concrete foundations.


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