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Krinner 'Flex V' - newly developed steel frame

With another product innovation, the Flex V sub-construction for free standing systems in the photovoltaics sector, KRINNER Schraubfundamente (screw-in foundations) is once again proving the power of its innovations.

The overall concept behind the new frame represents a further optimisation in the area of steel frame construction at KRINNER. The basic construction consists of two foundation rows and two girder profiles which run in an east-west longitudinal direction. In this context KRINNER has constructed two girder profiles from steel on which an additional batten is mounted for the installation of the modules in a south-north direction. This batten can generally be made from aluminium or steel. As the frame consists of a just few individual components, assembly is completed quickly and cheaply. The module alignment of the Flex V frame can be arranged either to face the south or in an east-west direction.

Several advantages result for the installation of the modules in a vertical or horizontal format. The modern and efficient slide-in technique in the module supporting rails, that are made from aluminium, ensures especially short construction times. Due to the low prices of the modules, demand for the arrangement of the modules in more than two rows in the vertical or horizontal format is becoming increasingly strong. The new Flex V is responding to this requirement - meaning space can be used more efficiently.

A sealing of the areas is not required. The system also guarantees customers sustainability and reliability due to the high levels of protection against corrosion.




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