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Be it a traffic sign or a marquee, a carport or an event hall, fences or large-scale photovoltaic installations. Modern foundation construction with KRINNER ground screws has many applications.
It provides utmost stability, efficiency and sustainability – without any digging or concreting.


Timber-frame construction is a sustainable and forward-looking solution. Opting for KRINNER ground screws is thus only logical.
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Saving time and costs, getting new customers and advertising space. The fast and uncomplicated assembly of KRINNER ground screws makes for huge savings potentials.
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A fast, safe and environmentally friendly optimisation of the townscape and saving costs at the same time. KRINNER ground screws allow a targeted construction without huge construction sites.
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A depth of up to 3.5m and the KRINNER ground screws’ high quality make for large-scale construction in a brief period of time.
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A garden, industrial or high-security fence. For protection, decoration or safety. The ground screws especially developed for fences make for boundless opportunities.
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